Day 5

Arby's. Richfield, UT. Lunchtime.

I'm the only customer here. The parking lot outside has a capacity of 45 cars. Mine is the only one. As I was using the single seater restroom, an employee tried to open the locked door. I heard him walk away and say "Hey, the bathroom door is locked agin'!" It never occurred to him that there might be a customer inside.

After ordering, the girl tells me "Your order number is 87." Sure, right, I'll try to keep that straight from everyone else's orders. I should just sit here silently as they call "Number 87. 87? Your order is ready." and see what they do.

Here's what I've been driving through:

If I could take a picture of myself with my foot in my mouth, I would. I just beat the lunchtime rush. The parking lot and seating areas are at capacity. Will wonders never cease?


Aaron said...

No, wonders won't ever cease.

And I can't believe you waited until you were in COLORADO TO TELL ME YOU STARTED SNOWBOARDING.

Seriously. That's bullshit. We just got 8-10" here today, and instead of being out enjoying it, I'm staring at my computer and hating it.

In a small protest, I haven't taken my earphones out ALL DAY. You can make me come into work, but you can't make me be social. That'll show 'em.

Hurrah for small victories.

Brett said...

Speaking of headphones, The only thing better than snowboarding in Colorado is snowboarding in Colorado with an iPod playing selections from SSX 3.

I'm up to blue trails without falling (much). Every time I fall I make sure I tell anyone who may have seen me that I'm a better skier than they are.

seth.loves.seth said...

life doesn't need a soundtrack - you're both just victims of over-stimulation. take your headphones off and listen the world.

Mike Machenry said...

You could have set the video to record and then taken a still shot from the video to get a picture of yourself at the Grand Canyon.