Mythical McRib

Last night I conjured a McRib out of thin air.

Driving Noah home after the PB game, I drove by McDonalds.

Had a fantasy in which I drive up to the drive-thru and order a delicious McRib sandwich. Know full well it's not on the menu anymore. Headset wearing cashier tells me they haven't had that in months, years. Am displeased by that answer. Demand they make me a McRib at any cost. Say the magic words. Miracle ensues. McRib arrives - sans pickles and onions, of course. Glorious day!

After dropping off Noah I head back towards the Golden Arches, resigned to ordering my second favorite fast food meal: 10 nuggets with sweet and sour sauce. I pull into the drive-thru and spot a sign proudly announcing: McRib is Back!

Glorious day!