I live in my car. I was robbed of thousands of dollars worth of stuff. I got a speeding ticket. I'm more and more frequently getting woken up at some ungodly hour and told to "move along".

A friend of mine said to me "You are so due for a good week".

Due? Karma? Nonsense. At least I hope its nonsense because otherwise I'm due for something horrible.

I live in San Diego, the city of constant 70 degree weather. I have a job that pays well and challenges me. Twice a week I get to do my two favorite things in the world (play ultimate and karaoke). I travel often. I had an amazing weekend at Potlatch. I have awesome hair. I meet interesting new people all the time. I have two coasts worth of friends who love me and care about me. I'm in great shape.

How awesome do I feel? How good do I have it? If I believed in karma, I'd be walking around in a helmet and a full body, flame retardant, protective suit.

With a parachute.