Ultimate and Surfing

I've hit the Ultimate groove in San Diego. There's a game on the beach Wednesday night under the lights at the Capri Hotel, a Saturday game at Balboa Park, and a Sunday game at Mission Park. The Wednesday and Sunday games are within rollerblading distance, up and down the boardwalk along the beach, respectively. The Saturday game is a drive away, but still well worth it.

I met a guy, Matt, at the Saturday game this week. He's also new to the area, coming from Florida most recently. He's a Pats fan, so we got together to watch the game last night at a bar downtown. Today, after the Sunday game fell through because the Chargers were playing (Go Chargers!), we decided to go surfing. He has a board and a suit, and I have access to a board that the previous roommate here left behind. I just needed to get a wetsuit. So we went to a nearby shop and I got myself an El Cheapo wetsuit, and we went surfing on the waves right outside my apartment.

It was the first time I've ever surfed, and it was insanely fun. What a rush! I wasn't even on the big, real waves yet, just the swill, white water in the shallows. It was a blast, we stayed out all afternoon, and I can't wait to go again.

Also, Chargers - Pats next Sunday!