Commentary!: The Musical: The blog post

The best part of the DVD release of Dr. Horrible, as expected, is Commentary!: The Musical. It's a lot of humorous banter and fourth wall (or, as one commentator suggests, ninth wall) breaking.

If you haven't seen Dr. Horrible yet, do yourself a favor and set aside 45 minutes to watch it, for FREE, over at HULU.

I got the DVD for christmas - thanks Stacey - as I had ranked it #1 priority on my Amazon wishlist. I've already watched everything a few times through. Here are just a few things that tickle me about Commentary!: The Musical

There is a song devoted to the iPhone game Ninja Ropes that the cast and crew played, and bonded over, on set. The lyrics start with instructions to find the game via google. The song continues with gameplay advice and high score boasts.

Nathan Fillion's song about how much better he is at everything than N.P.H. Includes a fakeout on the series' now infamous "The Hammer is my penis" line. Great delivery by Nate:
Look at his smallness
Compared to my tallness
My porcelain doll-ness
My port in the squall-ness
My Kids In The Hall-ness
My Pink Floyd's The Wall-ness
My three parts of Gaul-ness [ A reference to this article: All Galls Are Divided Into Three Parts (At Least In Goldenrod)? What's up with that? A quote from Julius Caesar's Commentarii de Bello Gallico: "All Gaul is divided into three parts..." (Thanks to Sam K, below) ]
My gestalt and all-ness My just all in all-ness
My wonderful me-ness
My hammer the pe-ople can tell
that I'm awfully swell
while Neil has a weird smell
I'm just saying: Purell

Zack Whedon's rap about being too cool to be involved in, of all things, a musical :
"Dr Horrible"
Z: Hey that sounds kinda dark and cool
"...'s sing along blog"
Z: What the fuck is this preschool?

Hey weren't you the prince in The King and I in 7th grade?
Z: No, but I was back stage in the dark gettin' laid.

Weren't you Pigpen in that Charlie Brown show we did?
Z: No, I just wandered on stage during my homeless period.

Didn't you sing about the business in Annie Get Your Gun?
Z: Is that what that was? I've been tanked up since '91.

Weren't you the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz or something?
Z: ...Yea, but I played the fuck out of that part.

And I think my favorite might just be the lisp-laden Groupie #3's slow, sweet and sonorous song about S's:
But now I'm super nervous
since I'm standing in the studio
I feel calm in like Phil Collins I'm singing Su-Sudio