Day 5 - Still Alive

This morning started off with me balancing on the side of the bathtub, with one hand propping myself up from the sink, and the other hand reaching around the overflowing toilet to shut off the water valve. I did, and stayed dry, but then I was stranded on the bathtub, in the dark, without my glasses. It smelled vaguely of urine.

I tell you this so that you may appreciate the magnitude of meaning behind the following statement: Today has been amazing.

It was a sunny day and I took some scenic byways. I-70 had been good to me, but we parted ways around lunchtime. I shot down I-15 until Cedar City - that's when things really got interesting. You know you're in for a good time with signs like "Not Recommended For Semi Trucks" and "Snow Tires or Chains Required Nov. 1 - Mar. 1". I had to focus on driving so as not to die. I listened to some pretty crappy music on the radio because I faced certain death if I took my hand off the steering wheel for a second. Feel free to zoom in on the google map below southeast of Cedar City to see some of the crazy roads I drove.

After clearing route 14 I was rewarded with awesome views. Not that I needed much of a reward besides being alive at that point, but sometimes you get a little extra. I stopped every 5 feet to take a picture.
I'd snap a few shots, content that I had just seen an awesome view. But every time, I'd start back down that road again and round the next corner to find another, every bit as picture-worthy.
And oh, the road is speckled with little towns along the way with names like Cliff Dwellers. People live out there, out in the vast expanses of beautiful countryside with a sheer face of red rock as a backdrop.
Everywhere I drove, through treacherous roads, there were people living. There was a "Free Wifi Hotspot" sign in the middle of fucking nowhere. I wish I had a picture of it. I love that thought - just knowing that there are people living like that.

Eventually the sun set, and I drove through the Grand Canyon National Forest in the dark. I even managed to get lost once. I'm excited to see the canyon in the light tomorrow morning!

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And oh yea, Happy New Year!


KitchenGirl said...

Have you been hitting the 'roids again? You're huge!

Maddie said...

Happy New Year!

I am now certain we are both in the year 2008, and you seem less far away! Arizona looks like lots of fun. The pictures look awesome anyways. Hope temperatures warm up a bit for your grand tour of the grand canyon! And even more so when you reach your destination :)

Welcome to 2008! May this be the best year of them all!

KitchenGirl said...

A little more joy for you as you drive towards the land of sand, surf, and sunsets: it is currently snowing and raining here AT THE SAME TIME.

California, can you hear me now...?

____WiSDoM____ said...


This site saves time when your looking for one of those signs that says WI-FI hotspot...out in the middle of fucking knowwhere. Geeze...we live in in fucking knowwhere and theres nary a dot