Bad Bojangles!

Bojangles (the nickname I've given my GPS unit) tried to take me from Breckenridge east to Denver, then south to Flagstaff. I protested, though. I don't give a shit if it's like 10 minutes faster to backtrack through Denver, I'm driving west goddamn it. West!

So off I went on I-70 west. Through the mountains, snow, all that. Looking back, this probably saved me a day or more of travel time. I-70 was slow going all afternoon until they finally closed it down at 5:30.

P.J. Bailey, 24, left Breckenridge to head home to Denver around 1 p.m., [I left at 2:30] but nearly four hours later, she was no further than Georgetown.

"I was told it would get better, but a mile east of Georgetown, there were whiteout conditions. You couldn't even see the front of your car," she said. She pulled onto a shoulder for about 15 minutes but finally decided to head back to Georgetown for the night after watching ambulances drive past.

She was searching for a hotel room Sunday evening. The Super 8 Motel was already sold out.

"You should see this town. There's people stopped everywhere," she said.

So as far as I know, I'm west of all that hubbub now. See? Sometimes it works out well to be stubborn :)