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61 hours 12 min of driving
3,704.9 miles
25.6 miles per gallon
144.72 gallons of gas

I'm here in SD now. I was sick as a dog last night, and most of today. I think I'm on the mend, and I have a place to live tomorrow ON THE BEACH! Sweet.


KitchenGirl said...

Bottles of Mountain Dew consumed: 37

Depth (in centimeters) of fast-food wrappers/bags on car floor: 5.25

Number of tourists observed falling over the edge of the Grand Canyon as their photographer says "back up just a tiny bit more!" to try and get the best photo: 0

Mike Machenry said...

Number of middle fingers received from other drivers: 23
Number of road kill run over: 16
Number of people you mooned driving down the road: 3

Paul said...

you sexy sexy man.