712C Santa Rita Pl
San Diego, CA 92109


Maddie said...

where the green meets the blue.
way to dream big. mind if i come stare out your windows sometime? or even just look at the view from the end of your street?

now the happy has settled in. i'm so excited for you :)

Krista said...

nice pad!

KitchenGirl said...

Nice, but what's up with the scruffy dude sitting on the balcony? Can you shoo him away? He's ruining the view. Maybe throw a frisbee or something, see if he'll run after it.

Aaron said...

That's a pretty kickin', wheel-less pink bike on the balcony, champ. Gonna set up the surfboard on some cinderblocks in the street and get some air off it?

Gotta make do with what you got. And while I don't have a beach, I do have a fake-wood desk, a flatscreen monitor, my ipod, and a thermos which used to house coffee.

Oh, and I have three bikes that HAVE wheels. And engines. Okay, only two have engines. :( But someday, god willing, I'll get that third engine.

seth.loves.seth said...

Is "Landed" something of a play on words? Not only regarding having arrived... but also with respect to having somewhere to live -- like in the notion of "landed gentry"? Cuz it either only kind of makes sense that way or I am just err off my rocker and maybe giving you too much credit (or it too much thought) in this instance. *BELCH*