Day 1

My car is soooo full...

[How full is it?]

...that I couldn't fit my last pillow in it.
...that I had to wear cargo pants to have enough places to put everything.
...that I can barely move inside.

OK that last one isn't all that funny, but it's true!

After some NYC traffic and GPS shenanigans, I got where I was going. It was about 10 hours of driving today. I'm was going to fiddle with the GPS unit tonight, but the cable is in the car which is oh so far away from this bed!

I'm at Steiner's place in VA right now (address withheld to protect from stalkers!)

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I think I'll go to Nashville tomorrow.


Lisa said...

Careful- If you go breaking out your guitar/Rock Band controller in Nashville you may be mistaken for a country music star and mobbed by a crowd of mullets and bouffants.

Also, I like that Piglet is your co-pilot. Forget Chewy.

Aaron said...

Needless to say I'm very disappointed you're not following one of the TWO (TWO perfectly good routes, BRETT!) routes I suggested for you. >:|

KitchenGirl said...

How many of those 10 hours were spent on the Cross-Bronx X-way? You can hit that f*ck*r at 3 in the morning and still sit there for an hour.

KitchenGirl said...

Oh, haha! You were ON the Cross-Bronx when you took the GPS snap!

Chicks dig us said...

Hey, love your co-pilot. When you get closer to the border states better make sure he has a green card!