iPhone sock

Somewhere nearby, I heard a noise like an indoor sprinkler. The alleys around the apartment are narrow, the neighboring buildings are close, and our windows are always open. My first thought was not of my own toilet suddenly and inexplicably spewing water from the intake hookup, but maybe next time it will be. I tried tightening, by hand, the fitting that seemed responsible, but the plastic wingnut-style flaps just snapped off in my hand.

Who makes shit like that out of plastic? If this is an intentional feature of the manufacturer to prevent over-tightening, it's also a way for them to make a quick $6. While in line at the hardware store, I picked up a lens cleaning cloth from the 'impulse buy' section, and was out the door $6.65 later.

The toilet's fine, and now I have a spiffy cloth to clean my iPhone screen with. It's a nice replacement for the original spiffy iPhone screen cloth I lost, which cost considerably more (let me tell you, I had to sink $500 on a piece of crap in a sleek box just to get it).

Now I have two problems:
1) I have invested 65¢ in a piece of material that I am bound to lose
2) You know how people at the beach complain about getting sand in places they don't want? For me, that place is my iPhone. ("Oh man, I got sand right in the old iPhone")

Lately I just wrap the iPhone in a spare bandanna before I go rolling around in the sand, but wouldn't it be cool to have an iPhone covering that was perfectly sized and designed to be used specifically for the iPhone? I swear, someone could actually sell iPhone specific cases and people would probably buy them! But until that day comes, I'll make my own!

Inspired slightly by Sadie's ridiculously overpriced $30 iPod sock from back in the day, it's just a sock... for an iPhone. That doesn't cost $30.


Ben said...

You didn't try duct tape? I thought everyone got 10 rolls of it in case of emergency when they left New Hampshire. I still have a couple rolls left, even.

KitchenGirl said...

See if you can take this one on next:

Tree Sweater

Mike Machenry said...

I like how the lens (or screen in this case) gets cleaned every time you put the phone away.

Ben, only you got ten rolls of duct tape when you left NH and you still have some left? You must not be very emergency prone.


seth.loves.seth said...

do you have any big wool socks? you could try felting one in the washer. that'd give you a nicer feel and a tighter weave against sand and such.