Day 3

Stopping for lunch at a Taco Bell in the middle of Nowheresville, Kansas. There's a Best Western across the street with free wifi :)

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I drove through Sonic Alley at around 11, but it was way too early for lunch. Now there aren't any in sight! I wonder if I'm west of them all already.

The plan was to push through to Denver tonight, in time to see the Patriots game at 8. That's 8 PM, EST, by the way. That's a shame because I'm on track to hit Denver around 8 local time. I think the new plan is to find the pats game on the radio, keep on driving, and head to some ski resort - or nearby - to stay the night. In the morning I can go skiing, maybe stay one more night, and then drive off to the Grand Canyon or something.

Don't worry, I'm wearing the pants with wings on their seat.


KitchenGirl said...

Too early for "Cheesecake Bites"? Too early for the SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito (eggs, sausage, cheese, tomato, onions, and tater tots, all wrapped in a flour tortilla)? Nonsense.

You'll have your chance yet. There are no less than nine Sonics in the Greater Denver area, and an additional five between Denver and SD. The last one you'll hit is in Vegas, then you're SOL unless you drive 86.74 miles up to Los Angeles. And really, why would you do that when you've got this to look forward to: